9th Class Computer Science Guess Papers For All Boards

9th Class Computer Science Guess Papers For All Boards

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9th Class Computer Science Guess Papers For All Boards will be Uploaded Soon on this website. For the latest updates and news Keep visiting our website.

9th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board PDF. It covers subjects like physics, computer, chemistry, biology and mathematics. To better prepare for the exams, you can find the 9th class 2022 Guess papers here. These Guess are made exclusively for 9th class students. Now 9th class students can get these important Guess online from here and can practice easily. These 9th Class test papers are definitely very useful and necessary for your best preparation for the 2022 board exam.

9th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022

For the 2022 Computer Board Exam, these useful Guess are available here. 9th class computer Guess papers for all the boards of Punjab are also available for download. Before going for the exam, you should definitely practice this guess so that you can get good marks in the exam. Computer Guess Paper of 9th class in PDF is available to all the students of all the Boards of Punjab. These important mentors are available for English-medium and Urdu-medium students. 9th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board PDF.




  1. Which solutions are not reached through proper algorithms or work planning?
    1. Prepared solution
    2. Candid solution
    3. Strategizes solution
    4. Best solution
  2. ____________ is graphical representation of an algorithm.
    1. Matrix
    2. Graph
    3. Flowchart
    4. Solution
  3. Which symbol in the flowchart is used to either start or end the flowchart?
    1. Terminal
    2. Connector
    3. Process
    4. Decision
  4. _______________ means to test if the required solution is there.
    1. Verification
    2. Algorithm
    3. Validation
    4. Flowchart
  5. In a__________________ error, the solution is working but not giving required results.
    1. Random error
    2. Logical error
    3. Syntax error
    4. Runtime error
  6. The steps for performing calculations such as adding, multiplying, dividing, etc are known as.
    1. Output
    2. Processing
    3. Accounting
    4. Storing
  7. In a flowchart, the special shapes used to represent different steps are known as.
    1. Images
    2. Figures
    3. Symbols
    4. Icons
  8. A set of steps to solve a problem is known as.
    1. Flowchart
    2. Diagram
    3. Algorithm
    4. Program
  9. The algorithm takes input and then after processing produces some.
    1. Data
    2. Output
    3. Products
    4. Results
  10. In order to solve a problem, there may be.
    1. More than one algorithms
    2. Only one algorithm
    3. No algorithm
    4. Many algorithms
  11. Who said I would spend 59 minutes defining a problem and 1 minute solving it.
    1. Issac Newton
    2. Einstein
    3. Marshall
    4. Alberuni
  12. The strategy divides a complex problem into smaller problems.
    1. Hide and seek
    2. Divide and conquer
    3. Check and balance
    4. Check and improve
  13. Flowcharts are considered helpful to know about the steps used to solve a.
    1. View
    2. Problem
    3. Sum
    4. Puzzle
  14. A graphical presentation of the steps to solve a problem is.
    1. Algorithm
    2. Flow lines
    3. Flowchart
    4. Puzzle
  15. In the flowchart, we use…………………. To connect symbols.
    1. Threads
    2. Ropes
    3. Lines
    4. Flow –lines
  16. Flow lines in between the flowchart symbols show the flow of.
    1. Problems
    2. Steps
    3. Processing
    4. Ideas


  • Define problem analysis. Explain your answer along with an example
  • Define an algorithm and argue on its role and importance in problem-solving
  • Suppose a problem has multiple algorithms. How would you choose the most efficient one? Explain with example
  • How do you determine the requirements for a flowchart?
  • What is meant by problem-solving? Write the name of five problem-solving steps.
  • What are the strategies for defining a problem?
  • How the strategy “Gain Background Knowledge” is helpful in defining a problem?
  • What is the “Draw a picture” Strategy?
  • What is a flowchart?
  • Describe the importance of flowcharts in problem-solving
  • What is meant by a problem?
  • What is meant by problem analysis?
  • What is meant by act it out a strategy?
  • Define a candid solution.
  • What is the best solution to a problem
  • How flowcharts are helpful in problem-solving.
  • Write a flowchart about wearing shoes with socks.
  • Name the flowchart symbols.
  • Describe the use of flow lines. Draw its symbol also.
  • What is terminal?
  • For which decision symbol is used.
  • Describe the input/output symbol
  • Define connector symbol.
  • Draw a flowchart to determine whether a given number is odd or even.
  • Draw a flowchart to find a maximum value among three numbers a, b, and c.


  • Define Problem Solving? Also, write the steps to solve a problem.
  • What is an Algorithm? What strategy should be adopted to develop an algorithm?
  • Define Flowchart? Also, explain the purpose of the flowchart symbols used in the flowchart.
  • Write a program and also draw a flowchart to find the Input a number and calculate in factorial.
  • Write a program and also draw a flowchart to find the LCM of two numbers.
  • Write a program and also draw a flowchart to find the Input number and display its factors.
  • Write a program and also draw a flowchart to find the Input a year and determine whether it is a leap year or not.



  1. The system for the representation of numeric data is known as.
    1. Numeral system
    2. Number system
    3. Both A and B
    4. Real system
  2. The base of the decimal number system is.
    1. 2
    2. 10
    3. 8
    4. 16
  3. In the decimal number system, the number of digits is.
    1. 10
    2. 8
    3. 2
    4. 11
  4. The decimal number 18, the binary value is.
    1. 1110
    2. 10001
    3. 10010
    4. 1111000
  5. Decimal number (13)10 is equal to.
    1. 1100
    2. 1101
    3. 1110
    4. 1111
  6. The decimal number 18 is equal to the hexadecimal number.
    1. F
    2. D
    3. 12
    4. 14
  7. The binary value for hexadecimal number 5 is.
    1. 0011
    2. 1110
    3. 0010
    4. 0101
  8. Any physical device capable of storing data is called.
    1. Hardware
    2. Device
    3. Memory
    4. RAM
  9. Primarily there are………………… types of computer memories.
    1. Two
    2. Three
    3. Four
    4. Five
  10. Volatile memory is also known as.
    1. Permanent memory
    2. Primary memory
    3. Sensitive memory
    4. Costly memory
  11. Volatile memory holds data.
    1. Temporarily
    2. Permanently
    3. Occasionally
    4. Regularly
  12. Codes associated with keyboard characters are known as.
    1. Binary codes
    2. ASCII codes
    3. Hexa Codes
    4. Key codes
  13. ASCII (es-k) stands for.
    1. American style codes for information interchange
    2. American Standard codes for information interchanges
    3. American Standing codes for information interchange
    4. American Service codes for information interchange
  14. An external storage device is a…………………….. Device.
    1. Take and play.
    2. Plug and play
    3. Pick and play
    4. Start and play
  15. ROM, RAM, and Cache are……………….. Storage devices.
    1. External
    2. Internal
    3. Both a and b
    4. Fixed
  16. How many bits are in one byte?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 4
    4. 8
  17. Bit stands for.
    1. Binary digit
    2. Byte digit
    3. Base digit
    4. Basic digit
  18. One kilobyte is equal to.
    1. 512 bytes
    2. 100 bytes
    3. 256 bytes
    4. 1024 bytes
  19. Who developed Boolean algebra?
    1. Von Neumann
    2. George Boole
    3. Charles Babbage
    4. Dennis Ritchie
  20. AND, OR, NOT are known as.
    1. Numerical operators
    2. Mathematical operators
    3. Conditional operators
    4. Logical operators
  21. Number “17” is equal to………….. in a binary system.
    1. 10000
    2. 10110
    3. 10001
    4. 10100


  • Define decimal number system.
  • What is meant by a binary number system?
  • Convert (A23)16 to a binary number system.
  • Define Volatile Memory
  • Define RAM
  • Define non-volatile memory.
  • Define ASCII Code.
  • Define the Storage device.
  • What is meant by an external storage device?
  • What is meant by an internal storage device?
  • Define truth value
  • What is meant by logical operators?
  • Define AND operator with its symbol.
  • Define OR operator with its symbol.
  • State the use of laws of Boolean algebra.
  • With the help of the truth table prove that: A, B = B. A
  • Difference between temporary and permanent storage.



  1. Networks connected together to make a larger network are called.
    1. Local Area Networks
    2. Wide area networks
    3. Network of Networks
    4. Computers Network
  2. The most Well-known example of the network of networks is.
    1. Local area network
    2. Internet
    3. Telephone Network
    4. Cable Network
  3. Exchange of data between sending and receiving devices through some communication medium is termed as.
    1. Data processing
    2. Data storing
    3. Data sending
    4. Data communication
  4. The sink is another name.
    1. Receiver
    2. Sender
    3. Message
    4. System
  5. The Internet uses a layered communication model, called.
    1. HTTP
    2. WWW
    3. TCP/IP
    4. FTP
  6. TCP stands for.
    1. Transport Control Penal
    2. Telecom control Panel
    3. Transmission control protocol
    4. Transmission control penal
  7. I Stand for.
    1. Information Protocol
    2. Internet Protocol
    3. Internet Panel
    4. Internal Protocol
  8. TCP/IP
    1. Application Layer
    2. Datalink layer
    3. Physical Layer
    4. Functional Layer
  9. IPV6 is an abbreviation of.
    1. Inter protocol vision 6
    2. Internet protocol version 6
    3. Inter panel vision 6
    4. Internet panel vision 6
  10. ISP is an abbreviation of.
    1. Interior Service Provider
    2. Internal Service Provider
    3. Internet Service Provider
    4. Information Service provider


  • Define communication Channel.
  • What is meant by a network of networks? Give an example.
  • State any four benefits of networking
  • Give some examples of sharing resources.
  • What is meant by file sharing?
  • What is the benefit of sharing of internet connection?
  • Define Server.
  • Define Data Communication.
  • Name the main components of the communication system.
  • Who is the sender?
  • Who is a receiver?
  • What is meant by File Transfer Protocol?
  • For what purpose HTTP is used.
  • What is meant by IP address?


  • Write the note on TCP/IP in detail.
  • Describe the Router in detail.
  • What is IP address? Write its note.
  • Write a note on Communication.
  • Define Application Sharing and write its note.
  • What is the Difference between Static and dynamic IP?
  • Define Communication Channel?
  • What is the difference between point–to–point and multipoint connections?
  • What is TCP/IP? Describe its five layers with their functions.



  1. The computer data may be related to.
    1. Credit cards
    2. Driving licenses
    3. Arrest records
    4. ABC all
  2. Illegal copies of a book, software, movie, painting, etc mean.
    1. Privacy
    2. Secrecy
    3. Piracy
    4. Security
  3. NADRA is an abbreviation of.
    1. National Database and Resource Authority
    2. National Database and Regulation Authority
    3. National Database and Rules Authority
    4. National Database and Registration Authority
  4. CCTV Stands for.
    1. Clear Circuit Television
    2. Complete circuit television
    3. Closed-circuit Television
    4. Compact circuit television
  5. The law enforcement agency of Pakistan to fight cybercrime is.
    1. NR3C
    2. Anticorruption
    3. FIA
    4. Dolphin


  • What are the types of software piracy?
  • Define soft–lifting
  • Define Client-server overuse.
  • Define phishing
  • What is meant by Patent?
  • What is meant by copyright law? Give an example
  • What do you mean by Data Privacy?
  • Write down the name of some data security issues.
  • What do you mean by confidentiality and privacy?
  • Define Piracy?
  • Define software piracy?
  • What is soft lifting?
  • Define hard disk loading?
  • Define counterfeiting?
  • What is online piracy?
  • What is the relationship between passwords and cryptographic keys?
  • What is meant by identity theft?
  • What is NR3C?
  • What is meant by a DOS attack?


  • What are the types of software piracy? Write its name?
  • What do you mean by copyright law? Describe it with examples.
  • Describe the Encryption Protects?
  • Briefly describe interim Cypher text?
  • Describe the characteristics of a good password?
  • Write a note on Cyber Crime types?
  • What is a Patent, and why do we need to register it?



  1. To access a webpage, we sent a request to
    1. HTML
    2. Web page
    3. Web browser
    4. Website
  2. The web browser understands HTML codes and displays the content.
    1. Webpage
    2. Website
    3. Design
    4. Data
  3. HTML is an abbreviation.
    1. Higher Text Markup Language
    2. Heavy Text Markup language
    3. HyperText Markup language
    4. Hypertext marking language
  4. HTML is used to create.
    1. Text file
    2. Graphic file
    3. Data text
    4. Web pages
  5. Hyperlinks are used to navigate on the.
    1. Computer
    2. Network
    3. WWW
    4. HTTP
  6. HTML document begins with the.
    1. <body> tag
    2. <head> tag
    3. <title> tag
    4. <html> tag
  7. The Icon, graphic, or text I a webpage, that when clicked, takes you to some other web page is called.
    1. Click
    2. High link
    3. Get link
    4. Hyperlink
  8. A simple computer language that is used to create web –pages is called.
    1. HTML
    2. WORD
    3. EXCEL
    4. Photoshop
  9. The properties associated with tags are called.
    1. Characteristics
    2. Merits
    3. Qualities
    4. Attributes


  • Define HTML.
  • What is meant by Hypertext?
  • What is meant by Markup Language?
  • What do you need to create a webpage?
  • What is the two sections of HTML documents?
  • How heading are defined in an HTML document?
  • How do we use an image as a hyperlink?
  • Differentiate between ordered and unordered lists?
  • What is the difference between hyperlink and anchor?
  • In which software you can create a web page?
  • What is an extension to save an HTML page?
  • Write down the name of the HTML tags?
  • Write down the main section of the HTML document?
  • What do you mean by body section?

Here we are sharing with you 9th class computer science forecast paper 2022. These solved 9th class computer science Guess papers are for students belonging to Punjab Boards. These are divided into five model papers. In each model paper, you will find:

  • Most important MCQs
  • Very important short questions and answers
  • Most important detailed questions and their answers
  • To the point answers to each question

Here we have provided the facility to read 9th class computer science Guess paper online. You can also download a PDF file of these notes by clicking on the download button directly below the preview window.


9th class Computer Science Guess Paper 2022
9th class Computer Science Guess Paper 2022 PDF Download Here

9th Class computer Guess papers

Start practicing these more helpful and helpful tips. These papers are based on the concepts and experiences of the Past few years. You can easily download 9th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022 from SetAPK.Net website. Guess for all Class and all subjects are also provided on SetAPK.Net from where students can download them. Take advantage of this facility and make sure to practice these key 9th class computer science advisory papers for better performance in computer board exams. There are also online video lectures for all the subjects of all the courses, which are very helpful for better preparation.

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