Biology 12th Class Notes All Chapters – 12th Class Biology Notes

Biology 12th Class Notes All Chapters

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Biology 12th Class Notes All Chapters will be Uploaded Soon on this website for Free. For the latest updates and news Keep visiting our website for more information.

Biology is the branch of science in which we study life. It is also the most important subject for scholars who want to serve humanity by becoming doctors. The SetAPK.Net platform helps their pre-medical students fulfill their dreams. Biology is the most important subject for pre-medical students as its major part also contributes to the medical entrance examination. So the preparation had to be simplified, for that, SetAPK provides 2nd year biology notes in pdf or view online.

Second Year Biology Notes PDF 2022

We have uploaded the simplest part 2H2 Biology Notes of FSC which meet the requirements of new curriculum of all Punjab BISES. Because these notes are in good condition, you can easily print them out and prepare yourself for the final exam. These notes are divided into three parts.

12th Class Biology Notes Chapter Wise in English Medium

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Homeostasis English Medium
2 Support and Movements English Medium
3 Coordination and Control English Medium
4 Reproduction English Medium
5 Growth and Development English Medium
6 Chromosomes and DNA English Medium
7 Cell Cycle English Medium
8 Variation and Genetics English Medium
9 Biotechnology English Medium
10 Evolution English Medium
11 Ecosystem English Medium
12 Some Major Ecosystem English Medium
13 Man and His Environment English Medium

Within the first category of Class Biology 12, there are extensive notes on biology. This section includes practice questions for all 12th Class biology chapters and MCQs. Second Year Biology Short Question Notes, PDF Answers with FSC Biology MCQ.

In the second category, there are extra short questions from all the chapters of biology. These small questions have been taken from all the Past papers of Punjab Board. In addition, we’ve included some additional questions in biology to prepare you. The third part of these second year biology notes contains multiple choice questions from all the chapters of Sufism 12 Biology.

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