9th Class Home Economics Pairing Scheme for All Boards

9th Class Home Economics Pairing Scheme

Pairing Scheme


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9th Class Home Economics Pairing Scheme 2022 for all Punjab Boards. Are you preparing for your final housekeeping exam? With that in mind, coordinate your studies with the latest 2022 9th Class home economics essay program. 9th Class Home Economics Pairing Scheme 2022. This course shows you how to further develop life by zeroing in on all aspects of human existence. In this course, you will understand the importance of diet, nutritional diet routine, protein, and the criteria associated with making meal plans. The second part of this course shows you 9th class Home Economics Jodi Yojana 2022 for all Punjab Boards.

Home Economics Pairing Scheme 9th Class

Many students start preparing for the exam without any strategy or plan. What’s more, they don’t know what subjects they need to learn in the course, not to say where to start. In order to actually study, you should refer to the Home Economics 12th Class Assessment Scheme 2022 to record each of the subjects examined in the exam. In this program, you will experience each of the topics and sub-topics that should be prepared for a comprehensive understanding of the point. In addition, the paper plan makes it easier for you to know which topics will be covered or not. Therefore, you can learn more effectively. It is important to note that all Punjab Advisory Groups have a common paper plan. Therefore, any board in partnership with Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Bahawalpur Board, or Punjab Board uses a similar paper arrangement.

“Remember that the 9th Class twin plan for unadulterated study is constantly changing. Paper is made continuously as indicated by the new schedule. Therefore, this schedule is as long as it was. I will update this page for the year 2023 from now on. ”

Pairing Scheme 9th Class Home Economics

Some students asked when is the ideal opportunity to study for the final exam. The answer is basic, but practical. You should try to start preparing 7 to 8 months before the exam. In any case, it is recommended that you start preparing for the start of the course. In doing so, you should study the 2023 theme and learn it when instructed by the teacher. After completing the Study Pairing Scheme 2023 and changing the subject, it is best to address Past paperwork or practice abilities that will be reviewed from time to time. These tips and strategies will help you achieve the desired results.

10th Class Pairing Scheme 2022 Home Economics All Punjab Board

CH NO.   MCQ CH NO.                  S/Q      LONG QUESTIONS
9 2 9 3 CH NO. CH NO.
10 2 10 Q.2 3 Q.5: 9 OR 10 12
11 1 11 2 (A) B)
12 1 12 3
13 2 13 Q.3 2 Q.6: 11 13
14 1 14 3 (A) B)
15 2 15 Q.4 4 Q.7: 14 OR 16 15
16 1 16 4 (A) (B)

9th Class Home Economics Pairing Scheme:

From the accompanying table, you can get to realize the paper example of Home Economics Intersection 2 as indicated by the Punjab Board examination in 2022:

Objective Type Subjective Type
Total Marks 17 Total Marks 68
Time Allowed 20 minutes Time Allowed 2:40 hrs
Number of MCQs 17 Number of Questions 6
Distribution of Marks Each MCQ of 1 mark Distribution of Marks Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Total 17 MCQs Attempt 8 short questions out of 12 having 16 marks
Attempt 6 short questions out of 9 having 12 marks
Attempt 3 long questions out of 5 having 24 marks. Each question has 8 marks.
Total 68 marks
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