Islam Medical College Sialkot Merit Lists 2022

Islam Medical College Sialkot Merit Lists 2022

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Islam Medical College Sialkot Merit Lists 2022 will be Uploaded Soon on this web page as Officials announce about it. For the latest updates and news Keep visiting our website.

Islam Medical College Campus is located 7 km from Sialkot on the historical road to Pasrur and includes Islam Medical College, Islam Teaching Hospital (ITH), Faculty and Student Hostel. Islam Teaching Hospital is the main school of Islam Medical College with PESSI Sialkot, Islam Central Hospital is located on Commissioner Road in the city center.

The college began its activities in 2010 with the first batch enrolling 100 students. Since its inception, the College has made tremendous progress and has become a wonderful center for learning and development. We started Islam Central Hospital for special care in the private sector. It was a great success. In 2010 we decided to create a medical college. We continue to test and refine our program to ensure the best medical education for students. Our educational strategy is to create a conducive environment for learning and practice medicine to gain appropriate knowledge, skills and aptitude for our students and create a healthy professional group.

PMDC programs are trained in sophisticated formats, including interview group discussions, problem studies, seminars, and laboratory exercises, as well as interactive and traditional lecture form classes. IMC’s MBBS program is designed to teach students the latest healthcare solutions with clinical skills and knowledge. We emphasize self-directed study and teamwork.

This is actually an interesting feature that begins in the womb of a girl, from adolescence to adulthood, from adolescence to adulthood, then from pregnancy to childbirth to the climate and life of her birth years. Maternal and gynecological disorders are especially important because they interact with the reproductive organs of women in a healthy and diseased state. Hospitals of Islam Medical College serve gynecology and maternity wards, labor rooms, infertility and pregnancy prevention clinics, outpatient departments, operating theaters, and ICUs throughout the emergency. The head of the department is Professor Ghafrana Omar Memon, along with Dr. Bashra and Dr. Anila Junior faculty members and consultants.

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