Matric 10th Class Mathematics Guess Papers For All Boards

Matric 10th Class Mathematics Guess Papers

Guess Paper


Matric 10th Class Mathematics Guess Papers will be Uploaded Soon on this website. For the latest updates and news Keep visiting our website.

Mathematics is one of the technical and important subjects, but most students find it difficult. This subject can be made easier if we practice it more. Many students struggle to perform well and get good marks in board exams. We provide you here 10th Class Mathematics Guess Paper 2022. These concept papers are based on the experience of Past years.

Guess Paper Punjab 10th Mathematics

We have also updated PSEB 10th Class Test Paper 2020-2022 Pdf for Middle School Students, please follow the direct link below to download PSEB 10th Class Model Paper 2023 Pdf and 30% Curriculum Question Database and Answer Solutions. Follow 10th class board exam is about to start and it is also going on. Guessing the essay is the best way to prepare for the final exam. If you know what framework the reviewer will use for the review, you can adapt accordingly. It is also important to understand the latest betting papers. According to your exam board, we will offer you 10th Subject Mathematics in 2022. This time all the 2023 Guess given on this website are for all Punjab Boards. Matric 10th class mathematics Guess paper 2022.

Punjab Board 10th Mathematics Guess Paper 2022

We assure you that you will not be disappointed with the Board’s decision to prepare the advisory. What are you waiting for? Check out the latest advice papers on this website. You can see the board exams and rate articles on our website. Our guest articles are primarily intended to help students. After reviewing these approximate files, you can score at least 50% in 10th class. We have developed these Guess on the basis of smart curriculum. Mathematics is a compulsory subject and it is also a rational subject. Therefore, students try to learn important things during the exam. Only repeated practice can pass the exam. Therefore, we provide all these Guess files for free. You can find the math guessing paper here, please scroll down.

10th Class Mathematics Guess Paper Board

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Punjab 10th Mathematics Guess Paper 2022

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10th Class Mathematics English/Urdu Subjective Guess Paper

10th Class Mathematics English Medium Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board Download In PDF
10th Class Mathematics Urdu Medium Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board Download In PDF

10th Mathematics English/Urdu Objective Guess Paper 2022

10th Class Mathematics English Medium Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board Download In PDF
10th Class Mathematics Urdu Medium Guess Paper 2022 Punjab Board Download In PDF

10th Class Math Guess Papers

Example.1,2 page19
Exe 2.1(Q.1,3,4,5,9,10)
Properties of cube roots
Relation between roots and coefficients of Q.E
Exe2.4 full exercise
Exe3.3 full exercise
Theorems of proportion
Exe3.6 full exercise
Exe 4.2(Q.2 3,4,8)
Exe 4.3(Q.1,2,3,7,8)
Exe 4.4(Q.1,4,6)
Proof of first two properties page88
Exe5.4 full exercise
Example.2 page120
Example.1 page129
Relation between radian & degree
Exe7.4 full exercise
Exe 7.5(Q.1-4)
Theorems(1,3,4) of ch.9 and first three theorms of ch.12

10th Class Maths (Guess Paper) important Short Questions:

Chapter No. 1

  • Exercise 1.1 1q (I,iii,iv), 2q (ii,iv), 3q (I,v,ix)
  • Exercise 1.2 1q (I,iii,vii,viii)
  • Exercise 1.3 q2, 9, 10, 14
  • Exercise 1.4 q1,3,8,9
  • Misc Exercise 1 Q#1 and 2

Chapter No. 2

  • Exercise 2.1 q1 (ii,iv), q2 (I,iv) 3,4 (iii), 10
  • Exercise 2.2 q2 (ii,vi, viii), 4
  • Exercise 2.3 q1 (I,v,vi) 2(ii), 5(ii)
  • Exercise 2.5 q1 (f,g,h) 3(b)
  • Exercise 2.6 1(i), 2(ii), 5(ii)
  • Exercise 2.7 q2, 5, 10, 13
  • Exercise 2.8 q 1 and 5
  • Misc Ex 2 q1, 2(I and vii)

 Chapter No.3

  • Exercise 3.1 q1(iv,v), 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 (iv, v)
  • Exercise 3.2 q1(iii) 2(ii), 5, 8, 10, 13
  • Exercise 3.3 q1 (I, iv) q2 (ii,iv,v), 3(iv), 4(ii,iii)
  • Exercise 3.4 Q1 (I,v, viii), 2 (vi, viii)
  • Exercise 3.5 q3
  • Exercise 3.6 q1 (ii, iii, vi), 2(ii)
  • Exercise 3.7 q2, 3,9

Chapter No.4

  • Exercise 4.1 Q 2,4,8
  • Exercise 4.2 Q# 1,2,6,8
  • Exercise 4.3 Q# 1,6,8
  • Exercise 4.4 Q#2,3,6

Chapter No.5

  • Exercise 5.1 q1 (I,ii,iv), 3(I and v), 4(i and iii), 6(i and ii)
  • Exercise 5.2 q1 (v and vi), 2(iv), 3 and 4(ii) 5.3 Q1 (1,ii,v), 2 (ii,iii), 4 (iii,iv) 5.4 q3 (iii), 5(ii)

Chapter No. 6

  • Exercise 6.1 Q( 1 and 3)
  • Exercise 6.2 (3,7,11,12)
  • Exercise 6.3 Q4 and 5(ii)
  • Misc Exercise 6 Q 1 and 2

Chapter No. 7

  • Exercise 7.1 q1 (vii), q3 (v), q4 (iii, v), q5 (iii, vii),
  • Exercise 7.2 q3 (i), 5, 6
  • Exercise 7.3 q3 (iii. Iv), 4(ii. vi), 8, 9, 12 (vii, viii)
  • Exercise 7.4 q7, 10, 11, 16, 20, 24
  • Exercise 7.5 q1,3,8,9

Chapter No. 8 Theorem 2

Chapter No. 9 Theorem 2 and 4

Chapter No. 10: Theorem 1 and 3

Chapter No 11: 1 and 4

Chapter 12: Theorem 1 and 2

Chapter 13: Exercise 13.1 Q (1 and 4)

Note: Learn Theorem combination as Chap#9 and chapter 12

OR Chap 8 and Chapter 10 and 11

Matric Mathematics Guess Paper

For 10th class students, these guessing papers will definitely be very helpful and useful in the exam. These 10th class math prediction papers are as well prepared and presented as your board exam. These advisory letters follow Punjab Board Examination Pattern 2022. If you want to get good marks in Mathematics, you must practice these guessing papers before your board exam. These Mathematical Guess Papers 2022 are available here for free to all 10th class students. These Guess can be downloaded and saved in PDF files.

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